LadioCast 0.11.2 Released – LadioCast Development Notes No.83

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LadioCast Version 0.11.2 has been released.

Changes from version 0.11.1 to 0.11.2 are as follows:

  • Released the latest version in the Mac App Store.

So it is almost identical to the previous version 0.11.1.

Although not mentioned every name, I would like to thank the donors who support the development and the distribution in the MAS.


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  1. Hi Kaiwauso… I’m having a problem with LadioCast. According to my streaming host, LadioCast is telling the server that I am sending an MPEG stream even though I have AAC selected – therefore the native player on the streamhost platform is not playing any audio… however, the stream is working on tunein. I have noticed that LadioCast is populating some fields with ICECAST data even though I have ShoutCast selected on the streamer. Can you please help?
    Kieron :)

    • kawauso

      Hi Kieron!
      Thank you for using LadioCast.

      > I have noticed that LadioCast is populating some fields with ICECAST
      To specify the situation more precisely, if you can get whole the header including the fields, please write it here.


    • kawauso

      Hi Dirk,
      Thank you for your interest in LadioCast!
      Unfortunately current LadioCast can only connect with the shoutcast v1 protocol.
      This limitation is mainly from the result that I couldn’t find any easy v2 client library which should be provided by;-).

    • kawauso

      Hi Mik!
      Currently, no for the latest version. (Some historical versions would be found here, or elsewhere, though not recommended.)

  2. Robin Hetko

    Installed Ladiocast on my MacBook. Set Streamer 1 to SHOUTcast. I am trying to connect to a SHOUTcast v2.5 server. It times out saying can’t connect, check network configuration and settings. I checked these and all are good. Is there an issue this server version or settings I should be aware of? This is a My Radio Stream server.

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