LadioCast 0.11.1 Released – LadioCast Development Notes No.82

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LadioCast Version 0.11.1 has been released.

Changes from version 0.11.0 to 0.11.1 are as follows:

  • Implemented status menu in the menu bar and added items to change volume levels of the selected devices, open mixer and quit LadioCast.

The new status menu looks like this:


Please notice that the sliders control volumes of audio devices which are selected on LadioCast, not its mixer output levels. The device volume levels also have been seen as grey bars on the mixer window and controllable by speaker buttons. The functionality is basically same but by the sliders on that status menu. Hopefully it will be convenient for the people using LadioCast as an ordinarily audio router on their Macs.

As always, let me know any problems and suggestions by blog comments or e-mails. This version will stay unreleased to the MAS for them.


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    • kawauso

      Hello Philip!
      Thank you for your suggestion about LadioCast.
      For encoding in HE-AAC, it uses Apple core audio component. I also have been waiting but it seems that Apple hasn’t implemented v2 yet.
      If done, I will add it soon:-).

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