One thing you might have to know before 0.12.0 – LadioCast Development Notes No.89

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LadioCast has been overlooked about not being sandboxed for a long time until the end of version 0.11. But on the next release, version 0.12.0, as Apple’s review requested, LadioCast will go into the sandbox. Fortunately, as a result, LadioCast wouldn’t be negatively impacted by sandboxing …​ except for one thing.

MP3 encoding.

LadioCast links Lame MP3 encoding library named libmp3lame.dylib only if it’s found. And in that case LadioCast shows MP3 option among the encoding formats.

But now from the inside of the sandbox, any local library would not be found and linked, so MP3 option would be gone.

Solution to this MP3 user’s problem is simple, copy the file into the LadioCast’s sandbox. The sandbox folder will be placed as ${HOME}/Library/Containers/com.kawauso.LadioCast/Data/, so it should be done with like:

$ cp (ex./usr/local/lib/)libmp3lame.0.dylib ~/Library/Containers/com.kawauso.LadioCast/Data/

The file name libmp3lame.0.dylib is better but if you have only libmp3lame.dylib and have been working well with it, copy in the same way.

Though it’s so simple with, I show another way for lovers:) with the MOVIE!!.

LadioCast 0.12.0 will be released in a few days on MAS.

Thank you for reading.

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