LadioCast 0.13.0 Released – LadioCast Development Notes No.97

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LadioCast Version 0.13.0 has been released on MAS.
Changes from version 0.12.6 to 0.13.0 are as follows:
  • Removed the ability to pan input stereo channels.
  • Enabled to map any input channel of multi-channel audio devices into stereo.
You will see the input channels selectable at the following part of the mixer window; Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 15.34.09.png .

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  1. Thank You for work!
    Please make ability to launch several copy of app simultaneously. (Like,, just like other apps). This is very needed feature! Thank You!

  2. William Piltzer

    What is “Audiojingle”? Etrecheck found it to be suspicious but probably harmless. I uninstalled Ladiocast and trashed the driver to get rid of it. Should I be worried about it. I don’t like how it shows up in my Sound pane in System Preferences.

  3. Is there a diagnostic mode? The station I broadcast at changed (updated?) it’s Shoutcast server, and Ladiocast no longer successfully connects. Server has same auth / audio setup as previous to upgrade. And BUTT works with all the same settings as Ladiocast. Is there a “status window” or something that allows me to watch the handshake, look at failures, etc?

  4. Bob Stern

    FLAC encoding request:
    I hope you will consider adding the option of Ogg FLAC encoding.

    “streamy68″ requested this on 2018-07-28. You responded on 2018-07-29 that PCM was a better option because FLAC is not truly lossless. Respectfully, I believe you are mistaken. FLAC is truly lossless, meaning that FLAC encoding followed by FLAC decoding produces audio that is bit-for-bit identical to the original.

    There are 3 reasons Ogg FLAC would be much more helpful than Ogg PCM:
    (1) The official Xiph wiki says the Ogg PCM format “is at best incomplete and at worst completely broken.” Consequently, I do not know any music player that decodes Ogg PCM.
    (2) FLAC is becoming the universal standard for lossless music streaming, now employed by Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, and YouTube Premium. Also, *all* online music stores that sell lossless downloads offer FLAC format, but almost none offer ALAC. Even Apple does not sell music in ALAC format!
    (3) PCM and FLAC are both bit-perfect (lossless), but FLAC uses less than half the bandwidth.

    (Incidentally, on 2018-08-01, Mr. Shablovsky correctly describes AAC as a very popular lossy format, but erroneously equates this with lossless ALAC. In fact, Wikipedia explains that AAC and ALAC are completely unrelated to each other. The popularity of *lossy* AAC does not recommend ALAC as the best *lossless* format, per paragraph (2) above.)

    Thanks very much for your consideration!

    • kawauso

      Hi Bob,
      Thank you for your enthusiastic comment.

      I understood, when people saying flac is lossless, they are talking about its encoding functionality, but not its acceptable source resolution;

      Wiki – FLAC
      “Source encoder
      FLAC supports only fixed-point samples, not floating-point. It can handle any PCM bit resolution from 4 to 24 bits per sample,”.

      Ladiocast’s internal audio is in float 32bit resolution, much more information than that.
      That is why even flac was lossy (and oggpcm not) for ladiocast.
      Though oggpcm was far from best and ladiocast even broke the documented specification, better to show the app’s design policy towards the future versatile and high quality live audio streaming in high speed internet era.

      The design may change depending on good motivation unknown.
      I hope that is helpful.

  5. Jorge

    Hi! I want to broadcast with Ogg Opus format, but the application always says that “System sample rate in the preferences must be 48000 in using Ogg Opus format”, and all my audio devices are with the 48000 sample rate, what happens? I have macOS High Sierra.

  6. I need to be able to insert my metadata from my layout server (radio automation) do you support this? I can send you the details of how I do it now. Send text to UDP port 4444 then their is a script to extract the Artist and title and add to the stream.

  7. kawauso

    Hi Ian,
    Thank you for your comment on ladiocast.
    About the metadata, ladiocast recommends you to make a daemon program which gets the song info from the server and sets it to ladiocast with AppleScript like;

    tell application “LadioCast” to set metadata song to theSongInfo

    only when updated.
    I hope it’s helpful.

    • kawauso

      Hi Abner,
      Thank you for your interest in ladiocast.
      Recording facility has been requested but unfortunately not yet.

  8. Dennis

    I don’t know what i’m doing wrong. I have an internal rtmp-server at rtmp:// with streamkey ByuPtvF64. I can connect with OBS, but not with Ladiocast. I have two fields in the RTMP-settings (URL and Stream). What do I have to fill in? I tried so much options.

    In OBS you have also two fields in the settings (Server and Stream Key).
    When I use
    Server: rtmp://
    Stream Key: ByuPtvF64

    Then it simply works in OBS. But not in Ladiocast. Why?

    • kawauso

      Hello Dennis,
      Thank you for your report about RTMP. There would be so many factors that make the difference. The rtmp-server name would be helpful.

  9. Rousso

    Hello there, I have got to say spot on job with LC.

    Is there a chance of implementing a reconnect feature? I have on a couple of occasions found that my stream has disconnected and this is due to the Wifi environment (Hard wired coming soon when I have built the home studio). As Im running an automated station at the moment and not sat in front of my Mac 24/7 to reconnect it means Im struggling to keep listeners.

    Having it reconnect or attempt again and again until it reconnects would be a cool feature. I’d even pay for it.

    Many Thanks.


    • kawauso

      Hi Rousso,
      Thank you for the comment. About reconnecting, LadioCast has been intended to use “Event Handler AppleScript”, which you could see in the Events tab of streamer windows. You might need to search to know how to write the scripts especially if you couldn’t show the Help > ReadMe of the App (that seems to happen in some environment).

  10. Anonymous

    For input options I get only ‘N/A’, and ‘Mackbook Pro Microphone’. Shouldn’t I have other input options so I can stream music from say iTunes?

  11. Joseph Pita Lamboy

    Support using Pioneers DDJ-SX3 ladio cast app recognize the interface but no sound or signal thought LadioCast with Serato

      • Joseph Pita Lamboy

        When I connect the new Pioneer DDJ-SX3 and Pioneer DDj-1000SRT the app Ladio Cast in the MacBook Pro recognize the computer sound card input and output signal. When I tried to change the soundcard to the DDJ-SX3 or ddj-1000srt, the app give the option to use one of these sound cards but when I put music I don’t received input and output signal.

        • kawauso

          First of all, check the output channels of your DJ devices match the ladiocast input channels, which are selectable as the most left numbers in the ladiocast’s mixer window panes.
          Good luck.

  12. hank You for work!
    Please make ability to launch several copy of app simultaneously. (Like,, just like other apps). This is very needed feature! Thank You!

  13. Gabriele

    Hi, is there an option to save the streaming to a local file? This is very useful to keep an archive of the live transmission!
    Thank you :) Gabriele

    • kawauso

      Hi Gabriele,
      Thank you for your interest in ladiocast.
      > is there an option to save the streaming to a local file?
      Currently no. Waiting for some revelation.

    • kawauso

      Hello Craig,
      Ladiocast re-tries to connect once when disconnected, if that also fails, error dialog popped up.
      If that the case you suffer, improve your network environment.

      • I switched the Ethernet connection and ran it directly to the router is that goes out, it still disconnected again in the middle of the night after about 45 hours of streaming. We are using the latest version of Ladiocast.

  14. Fantastic Job Kawauso!! I use Ladiocast in conjunction with Soundflower to buss in several audio sources for live video streaming, with OBS handling video duties. Thank you for this app, I honestly don’t know how I’d achieve this otherwise..
    However I was disappointed to discover the file: save/save as/open commands do not include the mixer configuration in the file, as I use different configurations depending on the task in hand.
    Am I missing something in my opening of the .plist file that remembers the configuration?
    No criticism intended, your work is much appreciated…

  15. I want to use Ladiocast with Mac OS X 10.10. (Yosemite) When I download it says I must upgrade to 10.12. Is there a legacy installer to use with OS X 10.10? Thank you!

  16. kawauso

    Hi Rod,
    For the simplicity, older versions are not provided unless you have downloaded them.
    Sorry for the late response.
    Have a good time.

  17. fiona

    I have followed a number of different videos and this still is not working for me, I want to broadcast from my Mac to radio co, I have an external USB Mic and a mixer and LadioCast is not picking up either of them!!

      • fiona

        Its like as if the input levels are switched on or off when they are not, Ladiocast does not seem to pick up any audio from the Mac at all.

        • kawauso

          If you select mac built-in input device (usually microphone), you must see its level as same in mac system preference (sound, check also security & privacy > microphone).

  18. Fada

    We are using RadioKing and We have a huge problem. We’ve attempted to configure Ladiocast. with our studio set up to DJ live using Pioneer S9 Mixer/Serato DJ. The program will find the hardware on our Mac and show levels when “internal mic” is selected, but will not actually allow audio to transmit out when we select the S9 mixer as the input. Can you help us with this issue?

    • kawauso

      Hi Fada,
      > when we select the S9 mixer as the input.
      Check the input channels which are showed and selectable at the most left part of the lasiocast mixer window.

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